Below are examples of videos of past online meetings for you to catch up on.

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GM Peter Wells – exchange sacrifices

Peter has long been one England’s top players.  He became a FIDE Master in 1982, an IM in 1987, and a GM in 1994. He has written many books, both on openings and on improving your chess. The theme for his talk is exchange sacrifices.  Peter welcomed as much audience participation as possible and answered questions about the talk and about other topics.

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IM Matthew Wadsworth – Games from the Varsity match

21 year-old Matthew is one of England’s most promising young players. He earned his FM title in 2016 and IM title in 2019 and has a Grandmaster norm from his excellent performance in the Four Nations Chess League (4NCL).  He is currently reading Economics at Cambridge University.  Here he presents some games from recent Varsity matches between Cambridge and Oxford. 

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Mark Taylor – Boris Spassky, A Selection of Attacking Games

Club member Mark Taylor from Crowthorne CC gave a talk about the life and games of Russian chess legend Boris Spassky.  He (Boris, not Mark!) was world champion from 1969-72 and played Bobby Fischer in the most famous match in chess history.   In his heyday in the 60’s he was one of the most inventive and exciting players in the world.

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Jim Stayt – some memorable games

Friend of Camberley Chess Club and Reading Chess Club member Jim Stayt will talk us through some of his best and most memorable games.

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Tony Williams – The Portsmouth Gambit

Tony Williams gives us the background to the Portsmouth Gambit and shows some games by the gambit’s players.

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IM Andrew Martin – Pawn Structure: How and Why it Matters

Popular author, commentator and International Master Andrew Martin is our special guest.  He talked to us about pawn structure and its importance.

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Some of My Memorable Games by Louise Head

Louise won the English Women’s Chess Championship (in 2017 and 2019) and was a member of the England Women’s team at the 2018 World Chess Olympiad.

Louise will take us through three of her most memorable and important games of her career so far.  These games are from the Czech Open 2018 (where she had a performance rating 2380 and achieved a WIM norm) and from the English women’s championship 2017 which was her ticket into the England women’s team for the 2018 Olympiad!

The Queen Sacrifice in Games and Studies by Mark Taylor

The Queen Sacrifice in Games and Studies by Mark Taylor. You have heard of “The Queens Gambit” – now Mark Taylor will show us some games and studies which have Queen sacrifices! Also some games and studies with other sacrifices as well.

If you would like to view all the moves in the games that these studies came from, you can do so by downloading this pgn here

How to prepare your openings with Opening Tree by Rob Hammond

Have you ever wanted to feel like a grandmaster, preparing for a world-class match against a specific opponent? What if there was a way for you to understand your opponent’s openings, or even their game style – before you even sat down at the board…this video takes a look behind the curtain of game preparation, using tools such as and Aimchess to effectively understand our opponents better.

Adventures in the French Winawer by Colin Purdon

Colin Purdon will take us through some of his games with the French Defence and the Winawer variation.

This is 1.e4 e6 2.d4 d5 3. Nc3 Bb4

The Grünfeld Defence with Richard Webb

Our guest speaker Richard Webb from Crowthorne Chess Club is a very experienced Fide Master and has been one of the strongest players in our local leagues for many years.  He talks about the popular Grünfeld Defence against 1. d4, illustrated with a couple of interesting games of his against titled players.

Some recent games from Aberdeen and IOW matches

We reviewed some interesting games from our recent online matches against Woodpushers Isle of Wight and Bon Accord Aberdeen, with comments, explanations (and perhaps excuses!) from some of the players involved.

An Evening with GM David Howell

We were excited to have Grandmaster David Howell as our star guest on 18th May.  David is the UK number 2, was this country’s youngest GM at the age of 16, and has been British champion 3 times.  He talk us through some positions requiring careful calculations, some games and also left time for some an interesting Q&A session. 

Brush up your Endings skills with IM Nigel Povah

We were delighted that Nigel Povah from Guildford Chess Club joined us.  Nigel is a very experienced International Master, Correspondence Grandmaster and respected author.  He gave a lecture about endings, including some key concepts, illustrative games and problems for the audience to solve. 

Camberley vs Bon Accord Aberdeen Match

On Tuesday 4th May Camberley played Bon Accord Chess Club of Aberdeen in a friendly match on   It was only our second online match, after the one against Isle of Wight in April.  Camberley captain Paul Sloane did a good job of fielding a strong team, and we were very pleased to see Neil Bridge back after a lockdown lay-off.

Other Camberley members viewed the live games (admittedly after some teething troubles seeing the live games) and commentary was provided by John Upham, Colin Purdon and others.  There were some very exciting games and the 20min/10sec increment time limit kept it brief whilst also allowing some quality chess. 

Overall Camberley won the match 12.5 -7.5; it was very even on the top boards but Camberley outgraded Bon Accord considerably on the lower boards and this was reflected in the scores.  But the main result was that it was a fun match played in a good spirit. 

It was great to welcome some of the Bon Accord team onto the Zoom meeting after their games finished, especially their captain Hamish, who we thank for taking up our challenge and for being a fun opponent.

Match versus Isle of Wight with Live Commentary

On Tuesday 20th April a team of 6 from Camberley Chess Club played an online match versus Isle of Wight Chess Club on  Each player had two games against the same opponent at a time limit of 20 mins plus 5 sec increment.  In parallel there was a Zoom meeting where a running commentary on the games was given by experienced club members.  The commentary was pitched at beginners and intermediate players to help them understand the games.

An Evening with Michael Adams GM

We were excited to announce that Grandmaster Michael Adams will be our star guest.  Michael is the long-time UK number 1, former world number 4, candidates finalist and has been British champion 7 times.  He talked us through some games and there was a Q&A session where members asked questions. 

Michael also did a post of this event on his website

GO – An introduction to the ancient game by Mark Payne

This week our talk will not be about chess!  Instead, club member Mark Payne will introduce us to the ancient Chinese game of Go, which is renowned for being extremely profound and complex despite its relatively simple rules.  Mark is an experienced Go player and was introduced to the game by the British champion.

A summary and some games from the 2021 Magnus Carlsen Invitational

This week’s meeting featured a talk by Colin Lyne – A summary and some games from the 2021 Magnus Carlsen Invitational.

The Morra Gambit – A Free Pawn by Ken Coates

Following on from our last session with Andrew Martin on various gambits, this week’s meeting will feature a talk by Ken Coates from Crowthorne Chess Club about the Morra Gambit.

This is an ambitious plan for white against the Sicilian and has a long history.  Ken is a good friend of CCC and an excellent coach, and his lecture is sure to be entertaining and informative.  

Gambit to Victory by IM Andrew Martin

Respected Author and International Master Andrew Martin presents a number of gambits to be aware of.

Some games from The Keith Richardson Tournament 2020 by Clive Frostick

Clive Frostick, from Farnham Chess Club, will talk us through some of his games from our recent 2020 Keith Richardson Memorial Tournament.  This  also doubled as the Camberley Chess Club’s annual championship, which was won by Julien Shepley.   It was played on-line for the first time, on the Lichess platform.

The Candidates 2020-21 Part 1 – some of the games by Colin Lyne

Colin Lyne shows us some of the games from the 2020–21 Candidates Tournament. The tournament is an eight-player chess double round-robin tournament to decide the challenger for the World Chess Championship 2021. The winner will earn the right to challenge the defending world champion, Magnus Carlsen of Norway.

The first half of the tournament was played in Yekaterinburg, Russia, from 17 March to 25 March 2020. It was suspended at the halfway point due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with Ian Nepomniachtchi and Maxime Vachier-Lagrave sharing the lead. The tournament was initially scheduled to resume in November 2020, but later it was postponed to the spring of 2021.

Rewire Your Chess Brain by IM Cyrus Lakdawala

Prolific author and International Master Cyrus Lakdawala presented selected material from his new Everyman Chess book “Rewire your Chess Brain”..

Some games and quotes from Bent Larsen

Bent Larsen was one of the world’s best players during the 1960’s and 70’s, and was also a notable author. Mark Taylor from Crowthorne Chess Club will talk us through some of the Great Dane’s best games with some entertaining quotes included along the way.

Christmas 2020 – Quiz Event

This year the Christmas Quiz Event was held online:

The Queens Gambit – the games of Beth Harmon by Paul Sloane

The recent Netflix series “The Queens Gambit” has boosted the public’s interest in chess. If you enjoyed the series and would like to find out more about the games played by Beth Harmon then join Camberley Chess Club’s weekly Zoom meeting. Club treasurer and former club champion Paul Sloane will talk us through some of the games, all of which are based on real Grandmaster encounters, and which were selected for the series by legendary former world champion Gary Kasparov.

3 great games from Colin Lyne, Bobby Fischer & Gary Kasparov

Our weekly Zoom meeting presented by Colin Lyne, showing us 3 great games from Colin Lyne, Bobby Fischer & Gary Kasparov!

Tony Williams on Tigran Petrosian

Our weekly Zoom meeting presented by Tony Williams on the subject of the 9th World Chess Champion, Tigran Petrosian

Colin Purdon discussing games from the recent Altibox tournament

Our weekly Zoom meeting presented by Colin Purdon discussing games from the recent Altibox tournament

Attacking the King with IM Andrew Martin

International Master and Camberley Chess Club member, Andrew Martin presents “Attacking the King”

Chess by Postcard with Colin Lyne

Once upon a time, before the days of strong analysis engines, correspondence chess was a worthy activity for players to learn openings, practice middlegame and endings.

Strong correspondence players tended to be potentially strong OTB players.

Colin Lyne will take us through some of his earliest postal games.

The Nimzo-Indian Defence with Colin Lyne

On Tuesday, October 13th 2020, noted correspondence chess and openings expert Colin Lyne demonstrated plans, strategies and ideas in the popular Nimzo-Indian Defence and the related Bogo-Indian and Queen’s Indian Defences.

The Nimzo-Indian with Colin Lyne

Grandmaster Keith Arkell guests at a weekly Zoom session

Grandmaster Keith Arkell guests at a weekly Zoom session for Camberley Chess Club to discuss two games in detail. First a very technical double rook ending from a Smyslov Caro-Kann and secondly a win against GM Julian Hodgson from the Sutton Congress.