Junior chess partnership – Gordon’s School and Camberley Chess Club

Gordon’s School has entered into a partnership with Camberley Chess Club to provide training and opportunities for juniors (under -18) to play competitive chess.  Training will be provided by an ECF registered coach and senior members of Camberley Chess Club.

For information about Camberley Chess Club benefits for Juniors click here.

If you are a junior who plays chess at home or school and are keen to improve, then register for our FREE junior training and tournament events.

  • Improve your chess skills and knowledge through training, tournaments and coaching.
  • Gain experience playing in ECF Rated games, Tournaments and local leagues.
  • Obtain an ECF Rating which is updated every time you play a rated game.
  • Test your skills against other players of all ages/abilities and improve your competitive edge.
  • Make friends with other people of all ages at our Events who share a love of chess.
  • Be confident in your abilities and comfortable in a supportive and welcoming environment.

Camberley Chess Club welcomes people of all ages (juniors, adults & seniors) and all chess skill levels (beginners, casual players, league and tournament players) and meets every Thursday evening and Sunday afternoon. The club has teams in the Berkshire League and the Surrey Border League, playing at Standard play and Rapid play rates. It runs tournaments throughout the year. It was awarded the title of English Chess Federation Club of the Year for 2021. 

Membership of Camberley Chess Club is a means of progressing to play top level chess at club level. It has been agreed that Gordon’s students may join Camberley Chess Club for free. 

Gordon’s School will host monthly chess training and competition in the Band Room. Students of all year groups that are interested in attending are very welcome.

Please see our Events page for details.