Partnership Announcement – Camberley Chess Club and Frimley Junior Chess Club

Camberley Chess Club is delighted to announce a partnership with Frimley Junior Chess Club.

As Frimley Junior Chess Club members develop as chess players and increase their desire to play more chess and challenge more experienced players Frimley Junior Chess Club are recommending Camberley Chess Club which meets on Tuesday evenings locally.

Camberley Chess Club are recommending Frimley Junior Chess Club to any juniors who may wish to play other juniors of similar experience on a Sunday morning.

Frimley Junior Chess Club was started in 2016 following an idea from Kim Shek, whose son Daniel enjoys chess hugely. They decided that Sundays mornings would be a welcome time to play chess and other skill / strategy board games in a relaxed environment.

Camberley Chess Club was established in 1972 and meets on Tuesday evenings and plays many teams in two local leagues.

This partnership means Surrey Heath has two clubs that are strongly supporting junior chess both on a Sunday morning and a Tuesday evening where they can take their chess further and play in evening league matches and attend club sessions.