2023 Christmas Social Chess960

On Thursday 21st December we held our annual Christmas Social Event.  This was our first Christmas at our new home, Heatherside Community Centre.  Luckily, we were able to use the main hall for the chess and the adjoining kitchen area for snacks and soft drinks, and it proved to be a great for venue for the event. 

For the time ever we played Chess960 (also known as Fischer Random).  This is an interesting form of chess, where the pieces are placed (somewhat) randomly on the first rank at the start of the game.  A different starting position was used for each of the 6 rounds.  

Most people were playing 960 for the first time and found it an interesting and enjoyable, if rather mind-boggling, challenge. Fitting in 6 rounds necessitated a quick time limit – we played a Blitz rate of 5 minutes with no increment.  The fast play and unusual positions left us quite frazzled at the end. 

As ever with a Swiss tournament, the cream rose to the top, and after 6 rounds there were ties for 1st place between Seb Twisk and Paul Sloane both on 5/6, and for 3rd place between Zac Welling and Daniel Seaton both on 4.5/6.  We had time for two play-offs, which were won by Seb and Daniel, so congratulations to Seb Twisk who is our first ever Chess960 Champion, with Paul second, Daniel third and Zac fourth. 

Thank you to everyone that helped set up and clear away the chess and food, especially to Daniel for running the Swiss pairing software and to Alissa (Seb’s mum) for inputting results on the computer.  And thanks to everyone who came along and contributed to a fun evening!   

The full results (click on image to go to chess-results) and some photos plus a short video are all below: