If you wish to consider joining:

Please do come along on a Tuesday evening to see the club, talk with members or contact a Committee member

Club membership runs from 1st August to 31st July each year.

Membership subscriptions for Camberley Chess Club for the year 2019/2020 are: 

  • Adult member £99
  • Member – who is also a member of another club £59
  • Social member £59
  • Introductory first year membership £25
  • Junior member £25
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award member £25

To apply for membership

To apply for membership please complete the linked PDF document: CCC Application as a PDF document

Membership subscriptions should be paid in August, by bank transfer to:

  • Camberley Chess Club
  • Sort code 207858
  • Account number 20405027

and notify the Treasurer by email as per contact details.

English Chess Federation (ECF) renewal

To all club members – Please register or renew your membership of the ECF at the beginning of August each year, with them directly on: https://www.englishchess.org.uk/

Converting ECF to FIDE ELO grading

According to the ECF website “The ECF grading team will use the formula of 7.5*ECF+700 = FIDE to rate games accepted by the International Rating Officer from 1st January 2014”

New ECF Ratings list


ECF Grading Database, List Of Camberley Club Players

To see a list of ECF members who play for Camberley Chess Club, click the below link and type “Camberley” in the search box and then click “Find Clubs”

The latest ECF Grading Database is here http://www.ecfgrading.org.uk/new/menu.php