If you wish to consider joining:

Please do come along on a Tuesday evening to see the club, talk with members or contact a Committee member

Club membership runs from 1st August to 31st July each year.

Membership subscriptions for Camberley Chess Club for the year 2019/2020 are: 

  • Adult member £99
  • Introductory first year membership £25
  • Junior member £25
  • Member – who is also a member of another club £59
  • Social member £59

To apply for membership

To apply for membership please complete the linked PDF document: CCC Application as a PDF document

Membership subscriptions should be paid in August, by bank transfer to:

  • Camberley Chess Club
  • Sort code 207858
  • Account number 20405027

and notify the Treasurer by email as per contact details.

English Chess Federation (ECF) renewal

To all club members – Please register or renew your membership of the ECF at the beginning of August each year, with them directly on: https://www.englishchess.org.uk/

ECF Grading Database, List Of Camberley Club Players

20191004 CCC ECF.xlsx

RefMemberNameSexClubStandard Previous Rapidplay Previous 
114988LGOLDMartin, Andrew DMGuildford211E212D
150462KGOLDOgunshola, Olugbemiga (Ben)M4NCL The Pitstop206A206A
188291AGOLDSharpe, Ian WMFarnham197C198C
156214KBRONZESloane, PaulMCamberley190D187D
268133LBridge, Neil AMCamberley188E188C
148508JGOLDPurdon, ColinMCrowthorne181A180A184D183D
129401FGOLDTart, Peter KMCamberley173A180A167E167F
129556BGOLDShepley, Julien MMGuildford171A174A171B178B
114701JGOLDLyne, Colin JMCamberley158B152C146D
233512JSILVERWallman, Martin JMCamberley157A169B
273016KWard, Matthew JMCamberley157D150F158D
109437DGOLDDavis, Timothy JMFarnham156A164A151C162D
171251CSILVERMcDonald, John NMCamberley151E
266497FHarley, SteveMCamberley140C142C
222490CDekker, Alain SMCamberley138F135F
314957CBRONZEBarquin, AlfredoCamberley137D137D
281272BHemmings, AlanMCamberley134E
274888FGOLDLeadbetter, ScottMUniversity of Birmingham131A141B110D111D
179522DThomas, DavidMCamberley124E121E
255547FGOLDUpham, John EMCamberley124B127D137F
300661LGOLDShek, DanielMYateley Manor School122A114A135A119A
119125BSloan, HamishMCamberley121A129A
171098KWooding, RobertMCamberley117B123B
261584JKelly, Ivor HMCamberley114A123B121F112F
281273DSILVERHemmings, DavidMCamberley108B103B94E113E
174929JMcCubbin, A SandyMCamberley105C106C
106761JBRONZEBirch, Gordon GMCamberley104B111B78E85E
193647FGOLDCoates, ChristineFCrowthorne86C86C80D85D