Junior Ladder

Below are the latest Junior Ladder positions and also the current Rules for the Junior ladder.

Well done to all the juniors who took part and congratulations to the winners:

Final ladder position – 14th Dec 2023

As of 7th Dec 2023

As of 30 Nov 2023

As of 23 Nov 2023

As of 9th Nov 2023

As of 2nd Nov 2023

As of 26th Oct 2023

As of 19th Oct 2023:


Junior Ladder Rules (v2)

  • Any Junior member of the club can enter.
  • New entrants can join at any time; they will be added at the bottom of the ladder.
  • Players move up the ladder by challenging and beating opponents above them
  • You can challenge an opponent who is 1, 2 or 3 places above you. [Players who are absent will be ignored when applying this rule, i.e. you can challenge players up to 3 places higher who are present on the evening] 
  • Challenges are issued face to face on Thursday evenings.  The core time for ladder games is 7.30-9.00pm.
  • If you challenge another player and win, then you move up to your opponent’s position on the ladder and your opponent gets demoted by ONE place (and pushes players below them down).
  • If you challenge another player and lose, then neither player changes position on the ladder.
  • If you challenge another player and draw, then you move up ONE place on the ladder and your opponent moves down ONE place (and pushes players below them down).
  • You cannot refuse a challenge unless you have already arranged to play another ladder game, or you are in a club team for a league or cup match (which take precedence over the ladder), or the challenge is issued after 8.45pm; if you refuse a challenge for any other reason, you will lose the game by default.
  • If you challenge an opponent and lose, you cannot challenge them again on the same evening.
  • Players that are absent two weeks running will be moved down ONE place, except where absence is due to playing in a club match.
  • Colour of pieces is determined by “picking a hand”.
  • You must use clocks; the time limit is 20 mins + 10 sec increment (a Rapid time limit).
  • All the usual chess rules apply; touch move, move and press clock with same hand etc, but there will be no time penalty for illegal moves.  An adult will always be present to help with disputes and questions about the rules.
  • You do not have to write down the moves, but you are encouraged to so that you can study your games afterwards.

The ladder will end at 9pm on 14th December, when medals will be awarded for the top three players.  The ladder will also be used by team captains to decide who to select for matches.