Club Championships

Here are the Camberley Chess Club championship winners. Congratulations to all. Click on the list to jump down to that section.

From 2023 onwards you can view the full tournament details and results by clicking on the “Year Results” in the table.

Club Champion

YearClub Champion
2007Andrew Hammond
2008Peter Tart
2018Alfredo Barquin
2019Colin Purdon
2020Julien Shepley
2022Julien Shepley
2023 Results
ECF LMS data
Julien Shepley
2024 event dates and details
Julien Shepley - 2023 Club Champion

Julien Shepley – 2023 Club Champion

Player of the Year

YearOutstanding Player
2000Martin Sommer
2001Ian Duvall
2002Sam Williams
2003Edward Devonshire
2004Catriona Meechan
2005Morris Walters
2006Gordon Birch
2007Catriona Meechan
2009Abhishek Verma Kumar
2010Neil Bridge
2011Kumar Dixit
2012Martin Wallman
2013David Hemmings
2015David Thomas
2016Peter Tart
2017Paul Sloane
2018Martin Wallman
2022Ian Duvall
2023Sebbie Twisk
Ian Duvall – Outstanding Player of the Year Award 2022

Sebastian Twisk – Outstanding Player of the Year Award 2023

Rapid Champion

YearRapid Champion
2023 ResultsJulien Shepley

Blitz Champion

YearBlitz Champion
2023 ResultsColin Purdon

Junior Blitz Champion

YearJunior Blitz
2023 ResultsAditya Sengupta