ECF rated games for members every week

The Rapid Matrix Spring 2004 tournament is in full swing.

We have had 4 rounds in January with a total of 74 games played, all of which are already included in latest ECF Rapid ratings.

If you haven’t played a Rapid Matrix game yet, just come along, ask any member for a “Matrix game”, then add the result to the A4 list. You can only play somebody once in this tournament. Don’t forget it is Rapid 20 minutes plus 10 second increment, played under FIDE rules of chess (which also means quietly!) All the details are here 2024 Rapid matrix

Last night we had a challenge from Joanie (aged 8) to James (aged 95) – see below.

So nobody is too young, old, inexperienced, experienced, to play in the Club Matrix!

We also had 2 interclub rated matches

All interclub league matches are also ECF rated. Fixtures and Results are of course on this site.

2024 Jan Junior Tournament

Another very successful Junior 5 round rapid play Swiss tournament was held in the Band Room at Gordon’s School. There were a record number of entrants.

Well done to all the juniors, the standard of their chess playing has continued to improve. These events are all ECF rated, so the games will go into the ECF rating system.

Thanks to Jon Lloyd and Liam Ball for their excellent running of this and the previous tournaments.

Also thanks to Warren Wright, Steve Harley and Martin Wallman of Camberley Chess Club for their assistance on the day and in promoting these events.

Future events can be found by clicking here

Below is the final results cross table and also some photos of the playing room and the medal winners.

Sunday afternoon at Ascot Brewery

We had a very enjoyable first Sunday afternoon casual session at a new venue – Ascot Brewery (which is actually in Camberley). It was roomy with lots of tables, comfortable armchairs and a fantastic selection of beers, ciders, soft drinks, pizzas, tea and coffee.

We had about 20 attendees including 2 new to the club. Staff are lovely, service is great, cushions are a great addition, space invaders fantastic and the chess wasn’t bad!

We have decided to meet here until at least end of March 2024.

2023 Christmas Social Chess960

On Thursday 21st December we held our annual Christmas Social Event.  This was our first Christmas at our new home, Heatherside Community Centre.  Luckily, we were able to use the main hall for the chess and the adjoining kitchen area for snacks and soft drinks, and it proved to be a great for venue for the event. 

For the time ever we played Chess960 (also known as Fischer Random).  This is an interesting form of chess, where the pieces are placed (somewhat) randomly on the first rank at the start of the game.  A different starting position was used for each of the 6 rounds.  

Most people were playing 960 for the first time and found it an interesting and enjoyable, if rather mind-boggling, challenge. Fitting in 6 rounds necessitated a quick time limit – we played a Blitz rate of 5 minutes with no increment.  The fast play and unusual positions left us quite frazzled at the end. 

As ever with a Swiss tournament, the cream rose to the top, and after 6 rounds there were ties for 1st place between Seb Twisk and Paul Sloane both on 5/6, and for 3rd place between Zac Welling and Daniel Seaton both on 4.5/6.  We had time for two play-offs, which were won by Seb and Daniel, so congratulations to Seb Twisk who is our first ever Chess960 Champion, with Paul second, Daniel third and Zac fourth. 

Thank you to everyone that helped set up and clear away the chess and food, especially to Daniel for running the Swiss pairing software and to Alissa (Seb’s mum) for inputting results on the computer.  And thanks to everyone who came along and contributed to a fun evening!   

The full results (click on image to go to chess-results) and some photos plus a short video are all below:

2023 Nov Junior Tournament

Well done to all the juniors who played in the latest Junior tournament held at Gordon’s School on Sat 25th Nov 2023.

At the end of the tournament, the juniors were all congratulated for the excellent way that they all contributed to this very friendly but competitive event.

2023 Oct Junior Tournament

Camberley Juniors ‘rocked’ at the Gordon’s School hosted competition today. Talking the top three spots! All juniors were great sportsman and supported their team mates.

A couple of special mentions:

  • Joanie and Lucas in their first competition – well done.
  • Imandi – a well deserved and hard fought bronze medal – and the top female!

And a tough battle for top spot saw Aditya take Silver, with the trophy going to Nisandu!

Well done – great competition! Results cross table is below these photos:

2023 Camberley Keith Richardson Rapid Play Tournament

The 2023 Keith Richardson Memorial Tournament was held on Saturday 30th Sep. Keith was a valued club member from the 1970s, an International Correspondence Grandmaster and very well known in the English chess community. He suffered from Parkinson’s disease and died in April 2017.

Thanks to all the players and everyone who helped beforehand and on the day which clearly made it a most enjoyable tournament. Linda on teas and coffees and Angela’s cakes need a special mention!

Around £300 was raised for Parkinson’s Charity including money raised from the sale of cakes and books.

Next year’s Keith Richardson Tournament is planned for 28th Sep 2024.

Reports, photos and videos of 2017 to 2022 previous Keith Richardson events can be found here.

Below are the prize winners, results tables, photos and a video from the event.

Congratulations to the prize winners:

A full list of of all the results is below.

Final Ranking crosstable

Click on the image to go to the chess-results website with other details.

Photos from the event

The playing hall:

Player photos:

The event entry can be found here

Reports, photos and videos of 2017 to 2022 previous Keith Richardson events can be found here.

2023 Trophy Presentations

At our 2023 AGM the Club Champions and some League Team winner trophies were presented to the deserving winners:

Full tournament details, round pairings and results as well as the previous seasons’ winners can all be found on our Club Championships page

Club Champions

Club Champion – Julien Shepley.

Player of the Year – Sebastian Twisk.

Rapid Champion – Julien Shepley.

Blitz Champion – Colin Purdon.

Junior Blitz Champion – Aditya Sengupta.

2022 – 2023 League Team winners

Premier Precision Cup Mick Tarrant Plate – Ca A Mark Payne

Haslemere Trophy – Ca HA Steve Harley

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