St Albans Chess Congress

Well done to the many Camberley Chess Club members who played at the 38th St Albans Chess Congress on 23rd and 24th April 2022.

Here are links to some fantastic photos that also show the players names, thanks to Brendan O’Gorman.

Here are the results of each section:

Below are links to the Congress Results on website

Camberley Chess Club v Edinburgh Chess Club

Camberley Chess Club beat historic Edinburgh Chess Club playing online on

Edinburgh Chess Club will be 200 years old this year and is not only the oldest club in Scotland and the UK but probably the second-oldest club in the world. (Zurich is believed to be the oldest est. 1809). The Edinburgh Chess Club is proud of its heritage and is happy to entertain chess enthusiasts from all over the world. The match was be commentated on live on our Tuesday evening Zoom meeting.

The match was played on the platform with 8 boards, with two games each of 20 minutes plus 10 seconds increment.

Full details of the 8.5 to 7.5 Camberley win can be seen and clicked on below.

Gordon Birch (1934 – 2021)

It was a great shock and with extreme sadness that we learnt that Gordon Birch passed away Christmas 2021.

Gordon was a member of Camberley Chess Club for around 40 years.

Gordon joined Camberley Chess Club in around 1982.

For four decades Gordon was an outstanding contributor to the club as a valuable member, team captain and Chairman for many years and always helping with arrangements and club night duties.

Gordon was a kind gentleman and was always very welcoming at his home. In 1985 he organised a simultaneous display at his home where IM Michael Basman played everyone. Gordon was the only player not to lose their game.

It was around 1985 that Gordon started playing the unusual Grob opening 1.g4 d5 2.Bg2. He had significant success over many many years playing the Grob in chess club team matches. In fact Gordon became know as an expert in the Grob.

Gordon was an Emeritus Professor, Food & Nutritional Sciences at the University of Reading until he retired a number of years ago.

In the last 7 years Gordon played nearly 15,000 games online on, mostly Grob openings. He played 3000 games in 2021 alone.

Camberley Chess Club Chairperson, Martin Wallman said “I have many fond memories of Gordon going back to 2002. He was always a caring gentleman and his contribution to Camberley Chess Club was invaluable. He will be sorely missed”

Picture taken in late October 2021, Gordon Birch is 2nd from the right

David Howell on upcoming Carlsen versus Nepomniachtchi

What does GM David Howell think of the upcoming Carlsen versus Nepomniachtchi World Title match.

Watch the video on the Camberley Chess Club YouTube channel below:

GM David Howell was a special guest on the Camberley Chess Club Tuesday evening Zoom meeting.

GM David Howell joined our Tuesday evening Zoom call to give a fantastic 2 hour instructive talk. He then took questions. One of these was “What was his view on the Carlsen versus Nepomniachtchi upcoming World Title match?”

David will be joining us again later in the season, see our Events page to find out when and how to join in.

First Over The Board match for 18 months

Well done all who played in first over the board match at Camberley for 18 months yesterday. It was the first round of the Haslemere Trophy against Guildford and we were significantly out graded. We needed 1 point out of 10 to win the match. . We got 3.5 points. Specially well done to John McDonald, Mark Payne and Magnus Brodie-Cooper.

ECF Club of the Year Presentation

Camberley Chess Club are very proud to have received the ECF Club of the Year Award.

The award trophy was presented to the club on behalf of the ECF by IM Andrew Martin at Camberley Chess Club’s home location on Thursday 21st October 2021.

IM Andrew Martin praised the committee and club’s achievements over the last year.

On receiving the award, Chairperson Martin Wallman thanked Andrew for presenting the award and thanked all the club members who had contributed with their hard work, particularly the committee members Steve Harley (secretary), Paul Sloane (last year’s Treasurer) and John Upham. A special thanks went to all the presenters who contributed their time.

The full citation for the award and links to the ECF Awards can be found here

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